Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kate Spade Girls ♠

 ♠  I love this season's Kate Spade collection, so fun and colorful!  ♠ 

Have a happy happy weekend everyone!


  1. Love these especially the 3rd one! Her dress is like a contemporary graphic paint :)

    Also wish You a great evening! :)

  2. you did such a wonderful piece with them. i love the colors and all your details.

  3. Amazing ♡♡ I like the background and the little animated blinking lights! All three girls look so lovely :]

  4. Sunny!!! This is so colorful,and cheerful ! I really love that animated background,and each fashion is unique and lovely! I love fashion design,and your style is really inspiring! Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful works! Happy week to you!!!! ^__________^