Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fashion Portraits


Cethosia Cyane

Black Pearl

A couple of week ago, I bought a 11¾" × 16½" Moleskine watercolor album and started doing some fashion portraits. Here are the first three, more to come.:)

Idiom Illustration

Idiom Illustration: "Horse of a different color"


Cherry Cream
13"x21"(23.5"x31.5" framed)

Summer Leisure
16.5"x20"(27.5"x31" framed)

Sweet Gaze
18"x20"(28"x30" framed)
Watercolor and Graphite on Rives BFK
JAW Cooper and I in front of her "Beautiful Freaks" piece

and in front of my pieces

sweet streets party photos

sweet streets opening party
video by: onch movement

Here are some photos and video from Sweet Street II opening party. It was a wonderful night!
Thanks for everyone who came out to see the show!

Sweet Street II group show is up until October 4th, three more days left to see it in person.:)