Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I was so excited when I came across Miu Miu Fall 2012 collection! The focus of this collection is suit dressing: straight, loose blazers and trousers and shiny jewel tones. Art Nouveau-ish floral prints and bright graphics for the patterns brought a touch of the feminine and elegance.
The make up look from this collection is very bold and interesting. Love the double eye shadow in white and light blue, pastel lips and black jewel embellishments!

Check out the whole collection here
Illustration by Sunny Gu 
Photo credit:

Me sentí muy emocionada cuando mire la colección de Miu Miu Otoño 2012  El objetivo de esta colección es vestirse en traje rectos chaquetas y pantalones sueltos y los tonos brillantes en las joyas. Arte Nouveau-ish estampados florales y gráficos brillantes fue un toque femenino y elegante.  

El maquillaje de esta colección esta muy acentuado y interesante. Me encanta la doble sombra de ojos en blanco y azul claro. los labios en colores pasteles y los adornos de joyas en color negro!

Mira toda la colección aqui 
Ilustración por Sunny Gu 
Credito de las fotos

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p.s. I really hope I could show you the original, since I’m addicted to gold and silver paints these days, the whole piece is glittering~ *u*


  1. Favourite one so far I think : )
    Lovely x x

  2. Aaah I love this collection! I was hoping you would paint something from this :]

    Beautiful, just keeps getting better and better!

    p.s. I really wish I could see the original too, must be magical with all the metallic paint!

  3. Oh,Sunny! I really love your design for this collection!! They are beautiful and unique!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing arts!!!! BTW,thank you so much for your encouragement !! I deeply appreciate it! Happy creating art to you!