Sunday, July 1, 2012

Diane Pernet, A Shaded View on Fashion


A Shaded View on Fashion Film (ASVOFF) International Fashion Film Festival in Milan had the theme: destiny. Aside from fashion short films, we have also invited 6 illustrators to create illustrations for this event. In order to make this project more interesting, we have twisted the destiny theme by expanding it into different dimensions. Below is the synopsis:

“Black hole is considered as one of the most powerful energy in the universe and it has remained a mystery to humankind. Imagine Diane Pernet has the chance to step into a black hole and once she is inside, there are 6 doors that represent her destiny in different dimensions. What are the possibilities behind these 6 doors?”

Q: What if Diane Pernet were a flower, what kind of flower would she be?

A: If Diane were a flower, I think she would be Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' (Black Rose). Aeonium arboreum is a succulent, subtropical plant. The "flowers" of black rose are rosettes of dark purple/black leaves at the ends of stalk-like stems. In winter, bright yellow flowers create striking contrast with the dark foliage. It's a very bold, powerful and attractive plant. The sophisticated layers of the leaves create beautiful and elegant forms. The color combination of the plant is very intriguing and mysterious. Diane Pernet's unique style just reminded me this flower, a perfect combination of boldness, power, darkness, beauty, mystery and elegance."
----Diane Pernet, ASVOF

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