Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Marie Claire Italia

My illustration of Diane Pernet is in a new special issue of Marie Claire Italy, released twice a year and this time with the March issue.
The name of the issue is Marie Claire#Likes, it is Marie Claire's last brand new publication, its purpose is to put together in-depth analysis on art, fashion, culture, society by worldwide known columnists and special projects by worldwide known photographers and artists. The special projects investigate every time in a different way the relationship between art and fashion. This time the investigation is on creativity. The last page of the issue, which is conceived as the signature of the entire magazine, is always devoted to an iconic woman, a muse, and this time they have chosen Diane Pernet. Since the global theme of the issue is creativity, they wish to publish a portrait of Diane Pernet not as a photograph, but as a drawing.
The illustration and feature is in: their printed issue as well as on their website:

Illustration by Sunny Gu
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  1. How cool! So glad they did the feature with an illustration. I love the piece.