Thursday, November 19, 2015


FANCL X Sunny Gu for FANCL's 35th Anniversary
I'm so honored to collaborate with FANCL cosmetics to celebrate the brand's 35th anniversary with a series of packaging designs. 

FANCL product contains no preservatives, antiseptics, disinfectants, petroleum surfactants, fragrance, coloring agents or mineral oil. Over the years, FANCL has been providing customers safe and worry-free products with the highest standard of quality. This is a brand that built on a solid belief system rather than profits or convenience. FANCL has my full respect. I’m very humbled and grateful for this opportunity!

For this packaging series, we have tried our best to create an engaging visual presentation that embraces FANCL’s brand identity and mission. For each design, it’s a combination of a girl and flower(s), each of them has given a special characteristic and personality. It’s a celebration of nature, purity, beauty, simplicity, passion, caring and love.
Fourth of the series : Rose
Rose: is love, passion, elegance and warm heart

When FANCL team introduced me to this new species of rose, I was blown away by the beauty of its colors. It has light green on the edge of petals, orange tone on the outer layers and a gradation of coral pinks near the center of the flower. It looks so tender, sophisticated and magical! I wanted to create a visual experience that’s so distinct to match with the special flower. I made the girl wear the most glamorous floral dress while carrying a giant rose with poise. Each rose looks a little different, full of individuality and elegance.

Fancl hosted a campaign to determine the name for this special flower. After months of name applications and votes, Fancl customers named this rose species "Eternal Beauty"

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  1. Congrats! Your girl is beautiful. I love the gown you made her.