Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FANCL X Sunny Gu for FANCL's 35th Anniversary : Sunflower

Fancl just released the latest packaging design to celebrate the brand's 35th Anniversary. Inspired by the cheerful Sunflower, this design was used as the brand's limited edition makeup cleaner oil packaging.

Third collection of our collaboration series : Sunflower

Sunflower: means warmth, happiness, loyalty, longing and adoration.

This is my favorite flower! I was beyond excited when I learned I get to paint sunflowers! The design only has a single sunflower, and that’s all we need. With its flower petals illuminates bright yellow rays of sunshine, a single sunflower is necessary to make a bold statement. The girl is holding a sunflower, her face radiates with joy and warmth, inviting you to share her happiness. 

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Illustration by Sunny Gu
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