Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brian Atwood Handbags at Nordstrom Private Holiday Shopping Party

December 4, 2013 : Brian Atwood Handbags at Nordstrom Private Holiday Shopping Party 
I spent a lovely evening live-painting at Nordstrom's private holiday shopping party. We were introducing and showcasing Brian Atwood's beautiful new handbag collection! It was a great turnout! A big thanks to The Grove Nordstrom and Brian Atwood team for having me! It was my honor and pleasure working at the special event!♥


  1. These are gorgeous!
    How is actually the live painting?
    I can;t image myself doing that. I take my time with my illustrations- I guess the pressure is on.
    How long does it take you to do one?

    1. Hello Lorena,

      Thanks Lorena! Nod, I feel the same! I cannot imagine myself doing that until I have started doing it.
      Just like you, most of my work are very time-consuming too. I take my time and try to think through and refine all the details in the illustration.

      There's definitely a lot of pressure when I first started to work on live events, but the pressure decrease as I become more experienced.
      I learned to handle the situation and start really enjoy the process.

      I would high recommend you to try live painting/sketching when an opportunity comes. It'll be very fun, exciting and a little nervous.
      It's so much different than our normal routine, working on an illustration quietly by ourselves, focused but lonely.
      When live painting, we are actually meeting and getting to know someone, painting/sketching her/him a custom illustration while greeting and chatting with that person. That feeling is so over-whelming, personal and intimate.

      The time sometimes depends on the specific event and number of guests. When there's a lot of guests, I have to finish one in 3-5 min. When it's not too crowded, I need to finish one in 5-10 min. When I need to fit a few people in one illustration, that would take slightly longer. It's a pretty fast process in general.

      Keep up your beautiful work Lorena!

      Have a nice day!


    2. Wow!
      Like you said, maybe I need to try it out. I really take my time when I illustrate and it works with me quite well coz I can really focus on every little detail. I think I would feel a tone of pressure, just to know that I need to hurry up coz somebody is waiting. Crazy!
      I am glad you like it.!
      How is your Etsy going? I find my shop is going a bit slow now.
      How do these live illustrations parties get organized?
      Thanks for your time and keep up your wonderful work!

      PS: Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my illustrations! It's always wonderful to hear a professional opinion! :)
      Happy Weekend!

    3. Hello Lorena,

      Nod, it's always amazing to try something new!
      We'll never know if it'll be a good fit until we tried, right?:)

      My shop is doing so-so, not so busy.
      I guess if you're doing X'mas/New Year related promotion, it will help promoting the shop radically and a possibility to sell more.

      I haven't been advertising my store much since I moved(so farrrrr from the professional printer I working with), it becomes a very time+energy consuming process to order+pickup prints now. So in the meantime, I decided to focus on projects and keep the shop open(to people who finds the shop and would like to order prints), but not actively promoting it because I can't run to the printer weekly or have too much stocked prints(if that makes sense).

      Illustration parties normally is arranged by marketing team/event organizer from brands/fashion houses. Occasionally, people host private parties, then that would be different depends on the individual/independent host.
      They either got our contact through someone they know, or found us online.

      You're always welcome Lorena! :)

      Happy weekend!


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