Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gucci Cut & Craft Project

I just illustrated and made this mini 3D paper Gucci Stirrup bag for Gucci's "Icons of Heritage-Cut & Craft" contest.  Gucci  is hosting this global social media campaign on their facebook designed to spread awareness of the House’s iconic handbags—the Jackie, the New Bamboo, and the Stirrup—and spark engagement through user-generated content.

It was so hard to choose which one to illustrate since I loved all three! But when I saw Stirrup I knew this is the one! I got so inspired by its leather surface and sleek silhouette, I imagined a secret forest with wild plants and small inhabitants. I wanted to create a sense of luxury and keep it bold and graphic, so I used a simple palette--gold and black. I enjoyed the whole process, from sketching to coloring, making the 3D paper bag to photographing it in different angles!

Do you like my design? Vote for me?:) It will be appeared here and available to vote shortly.
Are you interested in making your own version of Gucci's iconic bag? Check out more info here.

A big thanks to Marcus Kan for informing me about the contest!

 Oh, watch this cute video of papercraft version of the Stirrup come to life:

Have a Happy Happy Thursday everyone!;)


  1. Ahh, it's so beautiful~ I remember seeing these paper recreations of the purses, so nice to see your illustrations on one :] Love the little frogs playing in the foliage!

    Good luck! I'll wait for yours to appear!