Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eunice W. Johnson

Sketches 4"x5" Watercolor

Final 8"x10" Watercolor

In remembrance of Mrs. Johnson.
Eunice Walker Johnson (April 4, 1916- January 3, 2010), who gave Ebony Magazine its name, creator and director of the Ebony Fashion Fair for more than 50 years.


  1. The final came out beautifully! The color is very saturated, but I think it's what makes the picture. I think for the next assignment, make paintings with even more saturation to make the teachers mad, lol.

  2. I really like the cut out dress in the old tree trunk. I think that idea accompanies the pretty design you made. It might be worth to revisit as an art piece, and definitely be considered to use actual wood and saw. Your final piece for this project is successful as well as pretty. I found the same issue with the bangs as others did, but I do like bangs in general. : D