Friday, November 20, 2009

Correspondence :)

11"x17" Watercolor
This is a correspondence to a letter written by one of my best friends--Kelly. In the letter, she says, "a pearl may look really bright at first, but after been washed by waves overtime, the colors will fade and the shininess will disappear." She thought true friendships are precious and hard to find. Unfortunately, a lot times friendships are just like pearls, fade as the time goes by. She hopes our friendship can be an exception and last forever.

My response to her letter is: a friendship is just like a mysterious journey. We don't know what is lie ahead waiting for us. But as we travel down the road, there will be more and more wonderful things for us to discover...

In my illustration, the lotus lantern represents the care and appreciation for the friendship. As the girl floating down the lily pond, the flowers will gradually bloom once the magic light of her lantern sheds on them... :)


  1. YAAAY! I don't you need to change a thing. :P

  2. You managed to create a pretty piece while retaining the meaning of your correspondence well. The budding flowers reads best when the piece is looked at from further away.