Friday, October 23, 2009

Stories :)

The next assignment for Comm. Studio will be a correspondence project. Basically, creating a illustration based on a handwritten note/letter.The whole project description just reminds me so many precious things and special persons.
I just realized, I did a little personal project like that a long long time ago. :)
The image above is a small section of a letter written by one of my friends in China. We handwrite letters back and forth a couple of times a year. Since both of us LOVE to draw, our letters are exploded with colorful little doodles.
Background info:
Watermelon= my friend's netname
Bee=my netname
In this letter, she said she did a four-square comic strip titled "Happy Thing"
The four squares she drew are:
1. Watermelon and Bee are good friends
2. But Bee is in U.S. while Watermelon is in China
3. They can only keep in touch with each other through Internet
4. One day, Bee comes back, they finally see each other. ♥ the end

8"x10" Colored Pencils
This is what I did after reading her colorful letter. :)
The little illustration can be read from different directions, just like friendship, always go around.
Eventhough we are so far away, but true friendship can go beyond time and distance. So here we are, on the opposite of the earth from each other,with the Pacific Ocean and 15 hours of time difference in between.
Luckily, we have our magic mirrors. Whenever we need each other, all we need to do is to hold the magic mirror against the light of the sun/moon, and the other person will travel through the light ray right away.:D
The following drawings are come from the same sketchbook:
Introduction page--first page of the sketchbook.
If you use a white paper to cover half of the face...the left side is sadness & the right side is happiness

Drawings & paintings can't lie, all thoughts and emotions just become part of them...

That day, something really sad happened... and all I can do was wait and watch what happen next... So I just sat there for hours, drawing little circles and saying silent prayers at the same time.

Ended up all these circles truly have MAGIC!
All my little secret prayers came true the next day...;)

This was done after my old computer crushed...

A birthday gift for one of my best friends. :D
P.S. Beebee forest, my imaginery world of happiness, the Nosorrow Land.:)


  1. These are all so beautiful. You have a great eye for color, and and even stronger passion for friendship.

  2. I feel like you put a lot of love in all of these, even if they're in your sketchbook. I feel that sometimes the artwork I do for myself is better than the stuff I do for school.

  3. Also, your friend in China is awesome, because she believes that a bee and a watermelon can use the computer! Lol :D