Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glass Painting I+II+III=a Light Box

Glass Painting I+II+III=a Light Box :D
This is a temporary cardboard+bristol paper light box, still looking for a place that can professional frame them and be able to put them together as a real lamp/light box.
Yes, I finally finished the first glass painting series~
and Yes, I am going to do more of them since the process is so FUN!:D
I am ordering some custom laser cut plexiglass pieces from a company in Utah, can't wait to paint on them~: )


  1. It's so cool to see how it all came together, and how it actually looks in its atmosphere. You worked very hard, and believe me, it shows greatly. It's fascinating to witness your passion for something like this, because not many have a passion for it, making yours 100% more unique! If you want to do more, there are going to be more people that you are going to attract (like honey to a bee). :)

  2. These are beautiful, the last painting is my favorite. It really does look like a kaleidoscope.